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Submission Guidelines

Expect the response time for Spring 2022 submissions (both prose and poetry) to be near the end of May/early June.


We accept written pieces in .doc files. Please put your cover letter on a single page before your pieces. In your cover letter, please tell us if your pieces are simultaneous submissions and anything you'd like to share about yourself (you can put a lot or very little, whichever you prefer).


If your piece is accepted elsewhere, please let us know as soon as possible, and also, congratulations!


For all pieces:

  • We do not accept previously published pieces.

  • Through your submission and acceptance, you agree to grant us First North American Serial Rights for the accepted piece. After publication, the rights revert back to you.

  • Submitting in multiple genres is great, please tell us you’re doing this within your cover letter.

  • Remember to put your name and email at the top of the document on each page.


If your nonfiction piece is based on real events/people, please be courteous and change their names/possible locations if you don't have explicit permission to include them within your story.

  • The max word count for submissions of nonfiction/fiction is 3,000. Please, double-space your submission.

  • We prefer Times New Roman font.


  • For poetry, please send no more than 3 poems within a single document.

  • We prefer Times New Roman font.

  • We prefer poems that are less than 60 lines


  • We're open to inquiries about art/photography for use as cover art. 

Submission Guidelines: Text

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Ghosts, extraterrestrials, exorcisms, uncanny feelings, unexplained occurrences, childhood fears, whatever scares you as long as it's not our...


  • Overt gore: description wise, a little goes a long way, we don't need all the graphic details to get the picture.

Submission Guidelines: Text

To submit, email us at:

  • In your email, please put the type of submission and your name in the subject line. For example: "Nonfiction Submission: Steven Khing"

  • For simplicity sake, you can address us as "The Spectre Review Editorial Staff"

  • We are, unfortunately, not a paying market

Submission Guidelines: Text
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